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Request for Donations to The Paulus Institute

The Paulus Institute requests your kind donation to help defray expenses for our various activities and for funding that we provide to worthwhile groups.  None of our organizers receives any compensation or reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.

We express our sincere gratitude to several donors who have continuously supported us with regular annual donations— two from St. Mary Mother of God parish in Washington, DC, and one from Huntsville, Alabama/Dayton, Ohio. 

Donations are kindly requested by mail to:

The Paulus Institute
308 S. Green St.
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411-1414

Contributions are tax exempt. We are a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization under federal law and under the laws of the District of Columbia.

Expenses Incurred and Projected for Activities

The Paulus Institute incurs expenses for a number of activities within our scope of focus on Sacred Liturgy-- particularly related to the traditional Mass.  Expenses have been running about $8,000 a year, average. 

In 2013 we initiated the Annual Nellie Gray Mass celebrated at Nellie’s parish, Old St. Mary's Church, St. Mary, Mother of God, in downtown Washington DC, after the annual March for Life.  This includes expenses attendant to inviting a celebrant (Abbott Philip Anderson in 2014 and Bishop Thomas Paprocki in 2015), honoraria, a choir and schola, programs for the Mass, and a reception or dinner.  A collection is taken at these Masses, which amounts to approximately $1,000 for the benefit of St. Mary Mother of God Church.

We have a visiting bishop coming in February 2015, with a Mass and attendant expenses. 

There are two liturgical conferences in 2015 to which we will contribute in 2015, one in the U.S. and one in Rome. 
We contribute to the Blessed Karl Mass at St. Mary Mother of God Church arranged by Suzanne Pearson each year.

We contributed a half-page ad in Inside the Vatican magazine in thanksgiving for the papacy of His Holiness Benedict XVI. 

To enhance the beauty and glory to God of traditional Masses, The Paulus Institute has purchased new set of green vestments for St. Mary Mother of God Church.  We have also purchased several sets of new vestments for our use for pontifical Masses and for loan to others for special occasions.
Being close to The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, we have helped fund their ordination ceremonies.
And the usual operational expenses—web hosting, website maintenance and visual art vendors, FedEx and other mailing charges, administrative charges, etc.

Interests we are pursuing include communications and meetings with members of the U.S. episcopate to discuss possible avenues of advancing the traditional Mass at the parish level.  We also have communicated with several members of the college of cardinals about celebration of the traditional Mass. We communicate regularly with Giovani e Tradizione, an association in Rome, about events we can pursue in collaboration.  Typical expenses are incurred for these activities include FedEx and USPS charges for sending our materials, letters, and DVD’s of the 2010 Shrine Mass that we sponsored.  With further financial support, we could also sponsor and cover expenses for discrete events that bring together members of the episcopate that favor or are open to the traditional Mass.




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